The Attributes of God by A. W. Pink Chapter Summary

National Association of Christian Ministers Summary Series: Theology

“The Attributes of God” by A. W. Pink is a systematic exploration of various attributes of God, each chapter focusing on a specific aspect of God’s nature. Here is a concise summary of each chapter:

1. The Solitariness of God:

Pink begins by emphasizing the uniqueness and solitariness of God. He discusses God’s self-sufficiency and how God exists independently of anything or anyone.

2. The Decrees of God:

This chapter delves into God’s eternal decrees, highlighting His sovereign plan and foreknowledge. Pink explores the biblical concept of predestination and the purpose behind God’s decrees.

3. The Knowledge of God:

Pink examines the omniscience of God, emphasizing His perfect knowledge of all things past, present, and future. The chapter explores how God’s knowledge relates to His other attributes.

4. The Foreknowledge of God:

Building upon the previous chapter, Pink specifically focuses on God’s foreknowledge, explaining how God’s awareness of future events is intimately connected to His overall divine plan.

5. The Supremacy of God:

Pink explores God’s supreme authority and sovereignty, emphasizing that nothing can thwart His purposes. The chapter discusses God’s rule over creation and His absolute control over all things.

6. The Sovereignty of God:

This chapter further elaborates on God’s sovereignty, particularly in relation to human will and salvation. Pink discusses the divine election and the sovereignty of God in the redemption of sinners.

7. The Immutability of God:

Pink examines God’s unchangeable nature, emphasizing that God is eternally the same. This chapter explores how God’s immutability provides a secure foundation for believers.

8. The Holiness of God:

Holiness is the focus here, as Pink explores God’s perfect moral purity and separation from sin. The chapter highlights the significance of God’s holiness in understanding His character.

9. The Power of God:

Pink discusses God’s omnipotence, showcasing His unlimited and absolute power over creation. The chapter explores how God’s power is manifest in creation, providence, and salvation.

10. The Faithfulness of God:

God’s faithfulness is the central theme, emphasizing His unwavering commitment to fulfill His promises. Pink explores how God’s faithfulness is displayed throughout biblical history.

11. The Goodness of God:

This chapter focuses on God’s inherent goodness and benevolence. Pink discusses how God’s goodness is seen in creation, providence, and redemption.

12. The Patience of God:

Pink explores God’s patience and longsuffering toward humanity, highlighting the divine attribute that allows for repentance and salvation.

13. The Grace of God:

The book concludes with an exploration of God’s grace, underscoring His unmerited favor toward sinners. Pink emphasizes the centrality of grace in the redemptive work of God.

Overall, “The Attributes of God” provides a comprehensive and systematic study of key attributes, contributing to a deeper understanding of the Christian concept of God.