National Association of Christian Ministers Summary Series: Theology


Christian Nationalism is a political ideology that seeks to fuse Christianity and nationalism, promoting the idea that the United States is a “Christian nation” that is divinely ordained and should be governed according to biblical principles. It views American history, culture, and politics as inherently Christian and seeks to establish a theocratic government that enshrines Christian values as the basis of law and public policy.

Christian Nationalists often hold conservative positions on issues such as immigration, race, and LGBTQ+ rights, believing that these issues threaten the dominance of the Christian majority in the United States.

While Christian Nationalists often claim to represent “true” Christianity, often believers lose site of the “objectivity” required of Government. In any case, the true believer must insist on the important of maintaining the doctrines of Christianity over any political party or government.  At the end of the day, Christians should pledge total allegiance to Jesus, THE “author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).