Outline of a Christian Funeral

Outline of a Christian Funeral

National Association of Christian Ministers How to Series: Funerals #


Here is an outline of a typical Christian funeral service. Please note that this outline can be adapted and customized based on specific traditions, denominations, and the preferences of the family:


1. Prelude/Pre-Service Music:

– Instrumental music or hymns played as attendees gather.


2. Gathering and Welcome:

– Opening words and a welcome address by the minister or officiant.

– Acknowledgment of the purpose of the gathering and the presence of God.


3. Opening Prayer:

– A prayer to invite God’s presence, comfort, and guidance.


4. Scripture Readings:

– Selections from the Bible that offer comfort, hope, and assurance.

– Readings may include passages that speak about life, death, resurrection, and God’s love.


5. Eulogy or Remembrance:

– A personal reflection on the life and character of the deceased.

– Sharing of memories, stories, and significant moments.

– Acknowledgment of the deceased’s accomplishments and impact on others.


6. Homily or Sermon:

– A message or reflection by the minister, drawing from Scripture and Christian teachings.

– The homily may emphasize the hope of eternal life, God’s love and grace, and the comfort found in Christian faith.


7. Hymns or Worship Songs:

– Singing of hymns or worship songs that reflect the Christian beliefs, offer comfort, and inspire worship.

– Select songs that are familiar to the attendees and appropriate for the occasion.


8. Prayer of Intercession:

– A prayer offered for the grieving family, friends, and attendees.

– Prayers for comfort, strength, and peace during the grieving process.


9. Commendation and Farewell:

– A final commendation of the deceased into God’s care.

– Words of farewell and assurance that the deceased is at rest in the presence of God.


10. Committal:

– If a burial follows the service, this is the time for the committal of the body.

– Prayers and words of commitment as the body is laid to rest.

– If cremation is chosen, this can be a time of prayer and reflection as well.


11. Benediction:

– A blessing and sending forth of the mourners with words of hope and peace.

Encouragement to lean on God’s strength and support during the grieving process.


12. Postlude/Post-Service Music:

– Instrumental music or hymns played as attendees exit the venue.


It’s important to note that this outline is a general guideline, and the specific order and elements may vary depending on the traditions and preferences of the family and the specific Christian denomination or church.