Cosmological Approach to Christology

Cosmological Approach To Christology

National Association of Christian Ministers Summary Series: Theology


Cosmological approaches to Christology focus on the relationship between Jesus Christ and the created world, particularly the cosmos. There have been several approaches to this area of study.

One approach is the Logos Christology, which emphasizes the role of the logos, or divine reason, in the creation and sustenance of the cosmos. This view sees Jesus Christ as the embodiment of the logos, and suggests that through him, the cosmos is brought into harmony with God’s will.

Another approach is the Cosmic Christology, which emphasizes the cosmic dimensions of Jesus’ role as savior. This view sees Jesus as the one who brings order and unity to the cosmos, and suggests that his redemptive work extends to all of creation.

A third approach is the Christological panentheism, which suggests that Jesus is not only the savior of the world but also intimately connected to it as a whole. This view suggests that Jesus is present in all of creation, and that his redemptive work involves the transformation of the entire cosmos.

Overall, these cosmological approaches to Christology help to deepen our understanding of the relationship between Jesus Christ and the created world, and emphasize the importance of recognizing his role as both the savior and sustainer of all things.