Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer

National Association of Christian Ministers Summary Series: Theology

Knowledge of the Holy” is a Christian theological work written by A. W. Tozer. Published in 1961, this book explores the attributes of God and delves into the nature of true worship. Tozer emphasizes the importance of having a deep and intimate knowledge of God, arguing that such knowledge is crucial for a meaningful and transformative Christian life.

The book is divided into several chapters, each focusing on a specific attribute of God. Tozer discusses concepts like God’s infinitude, immutability, and transcendence, aiming to help readers gain a more profound understanding of the divine. He emphasizes the transcendence of God, highlighting the vast difference between the Creator and His creation. Tozer contends that a clear perception of God’s holiness is vital for believers to develop a genuine and reverent relationship with Him.

Tozer also addresses the role of worship in the Christian life, stressing that worship is not confined to church services but should permeate every aspect of one’s existence. He advocates for a lifestyle of continuous worship, where individuals acknowledge and honor God in all aspects of their daily lives.

Throughout “Knowledge of the Holy,” Tozer draws heavily from both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible to support his theological reflections. The book is known for its eloquent prose and profound insights, making it a valuable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of Christian theology and spirituality.

In summary, “Knowledge of the Holy” by A. W. Tozer is a theological exploration of the attributes of God and the importance of true worship. It encourages readers to pursue a profound knowledge of God and to integrate worship into every facet of their lives, drawing extensively from the teachings of the Old and New Testaments.