National Association of Christian Ministers Summary Series

Second Timothy is the last letter written by the apostle Paul before his death. It is addressed to his beloved protégé Timothy, who is now a mature leader in the church.

In the letter, Paul encourages Timothy to remain faithful and persevere in his ministry despite the difficulties he may face. He urges Timothy to hold fast to the teachings he received from Paul and to pass them on to others.

Paul emphasizes the importance of Scripture and urges Timothy to continue to study and teach it. He reminds Timothy that all Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.

Paul also warns Timothy about false teachers who will come and try to deceive the people, and he encourages him to stand firm in the faith and preach the truth boldly.

Throughout the letter, Paul reflects on his own life and ministry, expressing his confidence in the gospel and his hope for the future. He encourages Timothy to remain faithful and to entrust his ministry to faithful men who will carry on the work after him.

Overall, Second Timothy is a powerful reminder of the importance of remaining faithful to the gospel and persevering in ministry, even in the face of opposition and difficulty.