Preaching “For”, or “Against” Theory


National Association of Christian Ministers How to Series: Ministry #

By Michael Mooney, NACM Exec. Elder

Theory Defined: In most cases preachers present their messages in the context of preaching “for” something, or “against” something.

Here is an example statement you might hear from those who preach “for”
“We must unite to build the Kingdom of God”. This preacher usually preaches “for” good causes that “build” goodwill and unity.
Here is an example statement you might hear from those who preach “against”
“We must put a stop to the morally degenerate attitudes of our nation and repent for our sins”. This preacher usually preaches “against” things with the intent to “tear down” the evil structure. 
Neither of these approaches are wrong; however, it seems that ministers have a hard time maintaining a healthy balance between the two extremities. Often, preachers favor a message of Hell, or a message of Heaven, but rarely in good balance. The result is an overemphasis of Gods Love, or His Judgment. Without balance, both result in theological error.
1) Have you encountered ministers who favor “for” or “against” messages?
2) As ministers, how can we hold ourselves accountable to a balance that keeps us from making the same mistakes?