Spiritual Gift of Administration: A Wider View

The National Association of Christian Ministers Manual to Ministry: Roles of Ministry

The spiritual gift of administration, sometimes overlooked, plays a crucial role in the Church and Ministry, ensuring the efficient operation and organization of the body of Christ. According to First Corinthians 12:28 and Romans 12:8, administration is one of the many gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit to the church. It is essential for organizing people to accomplish objectives and for keeping the church functioning at its best​​.

Those with the gift of administration are distinct from, yet complementary to, those with the gift of leadership. While leaders set goals and direct the course of the church, administrators focus on steering and coordinating to meet those goals, managing resources, and organizing people and tasks effectively. Their work ensures that the church makes progress towards achieving its long-term objectives. This gift is instrumental in bringing order to the church’s operations, allowing other ministries to thrive​​.

Individuals with this gift possess exceptional organizational skills and have the ability to motivate others, making them indispensable in the church community. They thrive on seeing the fruits of their labor benefit the body and enable other parts of the ministry to flourish. Historical figures like Martin Luther recognized the importance of the spiritual gift of administration in serving the Church and the wider community, using one’s organizational skills for the common good​​.

In practical terms, administrators in the church develop strategies, assist ministries in becoming more effective and efficient, and manage various responsibilities to accomplish tasks. They are adept at creating order out of chaos and are often responsible for organizing people, tasks, or events. This can include anything from project management to the coordination of church activities​​. The gift allows for the strategic mobilization of the church’s resources and personnel, contributing significantly to the church’s mission and the advancement of God’s kingdom.