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Below you will find variety of ministerial job search sites.  We hope this will be useful to finding your way through minister. Please note that none of the below links are associated with our ministry, and they may or may not reflect the views of any of our membership. By clicking on them you will be directed away from this site -we claim no responsibility for the outcome.

Here is a list of popular websites where you can find ministry jobs:

1. This website focuses specifically on jobs within the ministry, including pastoral roles, church administration, worship leaders, and other positions.

2. Another dedicated platform for ministry jobs, offers a wide range of opportunities within religious organizations, including churches, nonprofits, and para-church ministries.

3. This website features job listings in various fields, including ministry positions. You can find pastoral roles, missionary positions, youth ministry jobs, and more.

4. offers a comprehensive database of ministry job listings, including pastoral positions, worship leaders, children’s ministry, and other church-related roles.

5. While not exclusively focused on ministry jobs, offers a range of positions in various sectors, including ministry, nonprofit organizations, and Christian businesses.

6. This website offers a searchable database of ministry job openings across different denominations and regions. It includes positions in church leadership, pastoral care, education, and more.

Other Mentions:

SBC.  Here you can search ministry positions available in Southern Baptist Churches for free.

Simply Hired.  Here you can search open ministry positions in a variety of denominations for free.

Pastor finder.  Here you can search open ministry positions in a variety of denominations as well as post your resume for free.

Church Jobs.  Here you can search open ministry positions in a variety of denominations. Although not exclusively dedicated to ministry jobs, is a widely used job search engine that aggregates listings from various sources. You can search for ministry positions by using keywords such as “ministry,” “pastor,” or “religious organization.”

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that also provides job listings. Many religious organizations and ministries use LinkedIn to advertise their job openings. You can search for ministry jobs using relevant keywords and filters.

Local denominational or religious organization websites: Depending on your specific religious affiliation or denomination, visiting the official websites of your denomination or religious organization can be a good way to find ministry job opportunities. They often have dedicated sections or job boards for posting positions within their network.

Remember to tailor your search and explore multiple platforms to maximize your chances of finding the right ministry job for you.