Book of Obadiah

National Association of Christian Ministers Summary Series

The Book of Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament of the Bible, consisting of only one chapter. It is attributed to the prophet Obadiah, although not much is known about him. The book focuses on a prophecy concerning the nation of Edom and its impending judgment.

The main theme of Obadiah is the judgment of Edom, which was a neighboring nation to Israel. The Edomites were descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob (Israel), and had a long history of conflict with the Israelites. The book addresses Edom’s pride, arrogance, and mistreatment of their brothers, the Israelites.

The prophecy begins by stating that God has raised up a messenger among the nations to proclaim a message against Edom. The prophet declares that God has humbled Edom and will bring about their downfall. The Edomites’ pride and self-assuredness will be their downfall, as they will be brought low and their treasures plundered.

The reason for Edom’s judgment is their participation in the downfall of Israel. When Jerusalem was attacked, Edom took part in looting the city and capturing Israelite refugees. The Edomites rejoiced over Israel’s calamity and even blocked the escape routes for those fleeing the invasion.

The book emphasizes that despite Edom’s arrogance and aggression, God will bring justice and deliverance to His people. The final section of the prophecy promises the restoration of Israel and the establishment of God’s kingdom on Mount Zion. The house of Jacob will possess their rightful inheritance, and the kingdom will belong to the Lord.

The Book of Obadiah concludes with a message of hope and triumph for the people of Israel, assuring them that their oppressors will be brought down, and God will restore their fortunes. It serves as a reminder that God is just and will not allow the mistreatment of His people to go unpunished.