National Association of Christian Ministers Summary Series

The book of 1 Peter is a letter written by the apostle Peter to a group of Gentile Christians who were facing persecution for their faith. The letter was intended to provide encouragement and instruction for how to live as faithful believers in the midst of suffering.

Peter begins by reminding his readers of their identity as chosen people, living stones, and a holy priesthood, emphasizing that their faith in Christ has made them part of a new spiritual house and community.

The letter also encourages believers to live lives of holiness and to submit to earthly authorities, including masters and husbands. Peter stresses the importance of showing respect and honor to everyone, even those who mistreat them.

Throughout the letter, Peter provides practical advice for how to endure suffering and persecution with faith and hope. He reminds readers of the example of Christ, who suffered unjustly for the sake of others, and encourages them to follow in his footsteps.

The letter also emphasizes the importance of unity and love within the Christian community, and warns against division and slander. Peter encourages believers to be humble and to serve one another, recognizing that they are all part of the same body of Christ.

Overall, the book of 1 Peter is a powerful call to endurance and faithfulness in the face of suffering and persecution. It emphasizes the importance of living lives of holiness and love, and encourages believers to find hope and strength in the example of Christ and the promise of his ultimate victory.