Template for Church Bi-Laws

Church Bi-Laws

National Association of Christian Ministers How to Series: Ministry

Template for Church Bi-Laws

Statement of Faith Concerning:

Scripture, Godhead, man/fall/redemption, new birth, water baptism, infilling of the Holy Spirit, sanctification, divine healing, resurrection, return of the
Lord, hell/retribution, communion, laying on of hands, blessings of the believer

Members and Membership:

What are the voting privileges of members?

The Governing Body:

Senior Overseer, Local Presbytery, General Overseers, etc.

What are the terms, process of selection, and responsibilities of church leadership?

Meeting of the Local Presbytery:

Example: Determined by Senior Overseer

Ecclesiastical Government:

Appointment of Ministering Elders, Deacons and Deaconess by the approval of the Senior Overseer;

Protocol for allegations by Ministering Elders concerning members of Local

Presbytery and the specific guidelines they must meet

Non-Governmental Positions of Ministering Elders, Deacons and
Deaconess: Specific responsibilities and parameters of each group

Outside Presbytery:

Selected by the Senior Overseer from outside the local Church. Holds the Senior Overseer accountable financially and morally. Any allegations
brought against a member of the Local Presbytery that is left unresolved within the local governing process, the Outside Presbytery renders a decision
as to guard the local church and restore the leadership and spiritual health of the Local Presbytery member International Presbytery:
Provision for the Local Presbytery to create an International Board of Presbyters


Description, responsibilities and powers of various officers