National Association of Christian Ministers Summary Series

Titus is a letter written by the apostle Paul to his co-worker and fellow leader in the church, Titus. The letter is primarily focused on the situation in Crete, where Titus is serving and leading the church.

In the letter, Paul instructs Titus on how to appoint qualified leaders in the church and warns him about false teachers who are causing division and confusion. He emphasizes the importance of sound doctrine and godly living, and urges Titus to teach and model these things to the believers in Crete.

Paul also addresses the behavior of various groups within the church, including older men, younger men, older women, and younger women. He encourages Titus to teach these groups how to live godly lives and to avoid behavior that would bring reproach on the gospel.

Throughout the letter, Paul stresses the importance of good works and encourages the believers in Crete to devote themselves to doing good deeds. He also reminds them of their former way of life before they became believers, and how God’s grace has transformed them.

Overall, Titus provides practical guidance for church leaders and emphasizes the importance of sound doctrine, godly living, and good works. It also encourages believers to live in a way that reflects the grace of God and to be zealous for good deeds.