Purpose of the NACM Manual to Ministry

Table of Contents


NACM Manual to Christian Ministry


The vision of this project is to provide a quick reference work covering a vast range of topics for New Ministers as well as refreshers for Seasoned Ministers and Theologians.

Continual Updates

This site is generally updated daily, but during busy times of ministry 3 times a week at the typical least.  This means that we contribute at the very least, 3 new articles to the manual weekly.


The content herein is written primarily for the ministers of the National Association of Christian Ministers.  It’s focus is for Ministers Organizing and Leading in Ministry.


The purpose of this Manual to Ministry is as follows:

To provide a summary of information about a multitude of topics ranging from: How To in Ministry, Theology, the Bible, and Organizational Leadership.  The word “summary is emphasised here.  The majority of articles are written as summaries of topics.  Keeping this in mind is the best way to set the expectations, limitations, tone, and understanding of the content herein.

The content to this manual is offered:

        • Without outside advertising or solicitation.
        • As no guarantee of facts (we do our best to offer the facts, but they are prefrental to the beliefs of Evangelical Christianity).
        • As suggestions (for which readers may practice at their own risks).
        • As is, without warranty expressed or implied“.
        • Reserving the right to remove availability to any and or everybody at any given time without notice.